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A journey of growth...

Parent of 2011 Male

Lizondo Futbol Academy

Child playing soccer

Hannah is an excellent soccer coach, trainer, and mentor. Hannah completed weekly training sessions for our fourteen-year-old daughter. Each session was well thought out and provided time for overall fitness, technical skills, and strength training. Our daughter looked forward to each session and even asked us if we could add more during the week. Hannah was able to individualize the lessons to help our daughter grow in confidence, ability, and strength. Hannah even extended the practices so she could spend extra time on long balls or a skill our daughter needed to hone in on- she went above and beyond - in fact, she also helped our daughter talk through a change in soccer clubs which was extremely helpful. She is a true professional and I highly recommend Hannah.

Parent of 2006 female
Broomfield Soccer Club

Our first session with Hannah was amazing. She was great at focusing technical skills that my daughter doesn’t get in her team practices. We will definitely be doing more sessions with Coach Hannah.

Parent of 2009 female
Colorado Rapids Soccer Club

Hannah was amazing. She clicked with my son immediately. She was very inquisitive and was able to help us identify specific areas to develop. For the first time, my son came home and was excited to show us some of the new techniques he had started to learn. I highly recommend Hannah and am really looking forward to having her as a guiding force in my son's soccer development.

Parent of 2011 male
Saint Vrain Soccer Club

Hannah is an awesome personal soccer trainer! My 11 year old boy got along great with her and followed along with all of her drills. You can tell that she loves what she does and gets right in there and puts in as much work as she expects to get out of you. My boy is excited to come back and learn more from her.

Parent of 2011 male

"Hannah has been invaluable to our daughter's soccer progression. She consistently goes above and beyond in her trainings.  From listening to what our daughter wanted to work on to suggesting other areas where she could see room for improvement, Hannah has a vast assortment of drills that keep it fun while still working towards a specific goal.  She has helped our daughter's soccer technically, tactically, physically and even mentally.  I cannot say enough good things about Hannah.  She truly cares about the players she is coaching."

Parent of 2006 female
Boulder County

Coach Hannah was great. My girls both really liked her and felt like the tips they received are already something they can use and love to practice. The one on one time with Hannah will help them feel more confident and competent in their games and practices.

Parent of two 2007 females

Passionate about soccer with a desire to meet her students where they are and to where they want to go with their game and skills. She is funny, a good listener, and knows just how much to push and when. She pays attention and always has a plan in mind. In a nutshell, a perfect coah.

Julie, adult player

Coach Hannah was great! This is my first time ever learning the sport, and as a 23 year old I was super nervous starting out. She was super friendly and patient but with no time wasted, Hannah took the time to explain each move to me and gave me very helpful feedback on everything I learned. I looked forward to rescheduling soon!

23 year old female new to soccer

Hannah is fantastic! My daughter has been playing soccer since she was 5. She needs help with feet control which in turn I think will build her confidence. Hannah had awesome drills and just after 1 practice my daughter learned so much. Hannah is very patient and made my daughter feel comfortable. We will be using her again and I would recommended 1000000%

Parent of 2008 female
Westminster Soccer

Hannah was exceptional! Right out of the gate she had my daughter moving and going with strong energy. Hannah clearly loves soccer and it shows. Her drills were awesome and fun, she got down on level and explained things so clearly, in ways we had never heard before. My daughter and I both left the sessions so excited for what she had learned and the skills that had been enhanced in just one session already. We plan to continue with Hannah for a long time!!

Parent of 2010 female
Saint Vrain Soccer Club

I have a middle school daughter that needed help with her overall skills and confidence post recovery from a substantial knee injury. I was looking for a female trainer in the area that could relate to our situation. We found Coach Hannah and we have had several successful training sessions. We liked that Hannah has had a very successful soccer career, understands how to work with players recovering from injuries and provides positive encouragement as well as real guidance and direction. The training sessions are organized, bring a variety of skills and challenges but most of all they train and work the entire session. The following is my Daughter's personal review, "Hannah is very kind and respectful, fun to work with and helps me improve on the things I struggle with. She is patient, knowledgeable and a great person to learn from. Our family highly recommends Hannah and we thank you for your dedication and commitment!

Parent of 2007 female
Westminster Soccer

Coach Hannah was great! Very knowledgeable and talented. Was able to help my daughter with some foot skills. Can’t wait to book more sessions soon.

Parent of 2006 daughter
St Vrain Soccer Club

Hannah was great and ran position specific drills

Parent of 2004 male

Couldn't have asked for a better one hour session for my 7 year old. Coach Hannah was able to teach my daughter some great skills regarding dribbling, balance and trapping the ball. Also worked on passing and movement. I learned some great tools to take home and practice with my kid before we return for more. Highly recommend. Coach Hannah was prepared and very patient. My daughter enjoyed her first soccer experience and is ready for more. Glad I booked Hannah and highly recommended.

Parent of 2014 female

Hannah was great. Our daughter really enjoyed her lesson with her. She was on time and very professional. We would highly recommend her to others.

Parent of 2011 female

Coach Hannah was fun, very energetic and was highly focus. She was correcting and fixing little nuances that showed improvement right away. She came with a set plan so little time was wasted. And he explanation of the drills and the impact of those drills was also a good touch.

Parent of 2008 female
Westminster Soccer Club

Coach Hannah is a spectacular coach. Her ability to take her vast soccer knowledge/experience and translate it into teaching is impressive. She is friendly, patient and easy for my 14 year old daughter to talk to. She is truly invested in developing a player, and recognizing and bringing out their full potential. I’m so glad we found such a great coach. My daughter really enjoys the sessions and they are very beneficial.

Parent of 2007 female

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